A Space for Making Picture-Perfect Memories
ladies taking a picture together

Our Story

Explore Your Selfie started with this nagging question — why don’t our selfies look as great as the ones our favorite influencers posted on TikTok and Instagram?

Viewed side by side, influencers’ photos were always bright and clean compared to ours which were mostly dark and boring. We thought we were already pros in the selfie game. We had invested in phones with great cameras. Plus, we knew all the tips and tricks for editing photos on our phones and laptops, yet, we thought our consistency in getting great selfies was purely a matter of luck.

Since we were constantly obsessed over getting the right shot, it often made it difficult for us to be fully present and just enjoy the moment. Then we discovered something that changed everything. We learned the secret to making our selfies pop – every single time – was great lighting and location.

We realized that while we could fiddle with filters and edit our photos for hours on end, these tools would only take us so far. But with a well-lit location and the right background, we found we could take as many shots as we want with beautiful results.

So, we asked ourselves, “Why don’t we set up a place where people can take great selfies every time?” That’s when Explore Your Selfie was born.

Who We Are

At Explore Your Selfie, we allow you to experience unique installations that will let you take great-looking photos you’ve always dreamed of. Our space is designed with you in mind. We set up a place that has perfect lighting and immersive backgrounds so you could have unlimited fun, express yourself, and snap breathtaking photos.

About the Founders

Tina and Jeff Banks have owned and operated preschools in Georgia for the past 20 years. In 2021, they decided to pivot and use extra space at one of their locations to start a selfie museum. This selfie museum is designed to provide a place in the community where guests may come to create memorable experiences in the immersive exhibits.

Our Mission

The mission of the Explore Your Selfie museum is to help guests feel a sense of community and self-expression, uplifting their confidence and creativity with the use of interactive illustrations and props.

Our Vision

We envision being the top choice, go-to selfie museum for locals and tourists in Statesboro, Savannah, and Pooler. Our aim is to set up a place that creates a fun, unique, and immersive vibe where every guest gets to experience interactive exhibits with their friends and family.

Core Values

  • Community
  • Impact
  • Boro Strong

Connect with Us

Come and visit our selfie museum and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience together with your family and friends. Get in touch with us if you have further questions and concerns.